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I bring you a selfie from my Arctic trip! This is on top of the Thelon Bluffs (we climbed them to eat lunch) in Nunavut, Canada.

oh my goodness! you are so pretty holy crud. i’m jealous of your lunchtime locations


im in brighton and its really exotic bc in the south west of england the only beach i can get to is weston super mare n its really muddy and gross so like having an epic beach in brighton is rad and crazy and me and my family are like :oooo beach :oooo

wow isn’t shona just one of the most drop-dead gorgeous people you’ve ever seen

The free and unmerited favour of God.
hey grace comic con is back on and you can come if u want

Sweet! Thanks, Ill ser


i know you guys are done with ferguson news because its not “”“”trendy”“”” anymore but an eight year old child was hit with tear gas

"Quit smiling, you’re suppose to be professional."




come on over

watch the master in action ^-^



Anna Faris and Chris Pratt are a pretty great couple.

Happy Birthday, Meg!


I hate when people say “If you choose indifference, you choose the side of the oppressor” when referring to issues happening halfway around the world. (I’m mostly referring to gaza) all I have to go off of is news sources that post so much contradictory information. How do I know who to trust? I’m indifferent because it’s the only response I can have when I have no idea what is actually going on.

i think that statement is used more when something is obviously immoral. (e.g. seeing some kid getting the shit kicked out of her and walking by without doing anything at all to help) i guess in the case of gaza you just have to look at the information you have and see where it takes you. since this conflict has five freaking bajillion year old roots it’s difficult to say who’s right or wrong, or when we’ll have a clear, objective view of facts. since it’s going on right now we’re still tied up in emotion and politics and the media representation of what is happening.